Hope Organic Produce . . .

. . . is a small market garden 6 miles south of Market Drayton

. . . registered organic by the Soil Association since 1986

. . . run by Sue & Pete Bartram

where we’ve been growing herbs & vegetables for over 30 years

Please ‘subscribe’ to the site (don’t worry – no money or spam involved!) in order to receive updates – news such as which markets we’re attending; just click on the ‘Sign me up’ link on the right.  You’re also very welcome to leave comments on any pages – asking about particular herbs, for example – or email sue@hopeorganicproduce.co.uk direct.

10 Responses to Welcome

  1. Sharuna says:

    Hi Sue and Peter, I bought a lovely purple basil , unfortunately too late or too lazy to bring it inside so perished . I hope you are still selling it !

    Will visit stafford market , are you cultivating it yet for sale ?

    • hopeorganics says:

      Hi – yes, we’ve got cuttings going (just!) at the moment, so it’ll be a while before plants are ready, but when they are we’ll be bringing them to Stafford (note to self – must check they’ll have us back). In fact our own stock plants died, but we’ve managed to scrounge a couple back that we gave to son’s in-laws last year!

  2. jo says:

    hi I bought Dittander,Lepidium Latofolium from Fordhall farm.can you tell me common name+about the plant,please?it only had a written lable in.best wishes Jo Berry.xx

    • hopeorganics says:

      Hi Jo – It’s also known as pepperweed, and when selling Dittander at markets we always warn people that it can imdeed be a weed; it’s liable to spread if not contained – which may of course be what you want. We grow it because of its wonderful pepper/horseradish/wasabi flavour, but you might like to heed the warning we found at http://gardendrum.com/2012/02/19/a-gentle-warning-of-dittander/. If you want to grow it in a comtainer, it can be done, but it needs to be a fairly large one if it is to do well – a 45cm one wouldn’t be too big in time.

  3. Pat Shaw says:

    Loved the tom plants we had from your stall at bishops castle last year.Would like some this year too. What markets will you be at?

    • hopeorganics says:

      Hi – thanks for the comment; details of the markets we’re doing are on the Farmers’ Markets page, which you can reach from the links at the top of this page. This week we’re at Shrewsbury tomorrow (6th May) and Rode Hall (a bit of a way from Bishop’s Castle!) on Saturday. Just for info, we’ve reduced the number of varieties we’ve got this year; they are:
      Andine Cornue
      Black Russian
      Black Crimea
      Gardener’s Delight
      Orange Bourgoin
      Principe Borghese
      St Pierre

      Hope to see you soon

  4. john hale says:

    have you this years farmers markets that you are attending ?

    • hopeorganics says:

      Ah, sorry – we haven’t finished this new site yet! We’re not sure yet which farmer’s markets we’ll be attending, as some won’t want us back on our part time basis; the only ones we know for sure at the moment are Shrewsbury and Rode Hall (1st Friday & 1st Saturday) in April, May and June, Market Drayton on Aprl 3rd and Fordhall Farm on May 22nd. If you’d like to ‘subscribe’ to the site by clicking on the ‘Sign me up’ link over on the right, you’ll automatically get an email when we know any more details.
      Thanks for getting in touch.

      • Valerie Burton Oswestry says:

        I am very pleased with the tomato plants I bought at the recent Oswestry Farmers Market – for which thank you very much. In conversation I said I thought there had been some adverse comments about Gardeners Delight. My apologies = the refernce was to Moneymaker. Sorry. Hope to see you at the June Oswestry farmers Market

      • hopeorganics says:

        Phew! Glad we got that cleared up! – & yes, we’ll be there for June. Thanks for the kind comment

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