News for 2014

After the mildest winter for years all our herbs are coming along nicely ready for the new season. We’re busy sowing seeds – tomatoes, aubergines, peppers and chillis are all germinating in the heated propagator and doing well, despite the attentions of a cheeky slug that managed to find its way in.  All the herbs that have overwintered  in the polytunnel are outside now, hardening off.

We’re hoping to start back at  our usual Farmers’ Markets in  April –  Shrewsbury (if they’ve got space for us) on the first Friday, followed by Rode Hall on the first Saturday  – but we’re also  having a stall at Oswestry on the last Friday in March , tying in with delivering the first herbs of the season to Oswestry Herbarium.We’ll be supplying our usual shops soon too.

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4 Responses to News for 2014

  1. Anne Bremridge says:

    I’m very sorry to hear you won’t be in Shrewsbury any more. Where can I buy more of your herbs ? I’m in Shrewsbury. Anne

    • hopeorganics says:

      Hi Anne – yes, we’re still disappointed to have not been back in Shrewsbury this spring, especially as we gather the stall that haas replaced us has been not turning up! Anyway, we’re still regularly supplying The Herbarium on Wyle Cop, so you could either pop along & see what they have, or drop us a line at the email address on the home page if there are specific ones you want, & I’m sure we could leave them there for you (though we’d have to check!). Shropshire Wildlife Trust also stock them, and the other shops that sell our herbs are listed on the Shops page of the site. We’ll be delivering to Shrewsbury & all points south on Friday.
      Look forward to hearing from you

  2. Jenny & Alan Spackman says:

    Happy to see you are coming back to Newcastle-under-Lyme! We need loads of herbs, Jenny & Alan.

    • hopeorganics says:

      Glad to hear it! We were back on Friday (18th) – a sunny day & quite busy market; better than this time last year, anyway, though that’s not saying much! 16th May’s the next one – hope to see everyone there.

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