Farmers’ Markets 2017

Since we are now mainly selling herb plants, and a few vegetable plants such as tomatoes, squashes & chillis we only attend  markets in April, May, June & sometimes July.

The markets we hope to attend this year  are:

Shrewsbury – 1st Friday

Rode Hall – 1st Saturday

Stafford – 2nd Saturday

Newcastle-under-Lyme – 3rd Friday

We also hope to be at Shrewsbury markets on 18th March,  20th May and  15th July



2 Responses to Farmers’ Markets 2017

  1. Pauline says:

    Greetings! Tim and I might get to Whitchurch on Saturday after all! Do you have any French tarragon and flat parsley left? Chilli plants? I could also take some herbs for the allotment plant sale on 8 June, max 60 if they are still in 15’s – basil, rosemary, more flat parsleys, thymes, mints and whatever. We probably need to confirm we’re coming, before you load the van!
    Speak soon, Pauline x

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