Our herbs are grown in Fertile Fibre™ compost (derived from organically grown coconut fibre) and sold in 11cm pots made of  rice husks – a biodegradable (in the long term!) by-product.

For a complete list of our herbs, please click: Herb list 2015

We also sell tomato, pepper & squash plants & broad, runner & French beans at the appropriate times for planting.

2 Responses to Herbs

  1. Kate says:

    Hi there

    Are you open to the public or do you just sell at farmers markets? I would like to come on Friday if possible and buy some herbs. Thanks, Kate

    • hopeorganics says:

      Hi Kate – we are not really ‘open to the public’; it’s just where we live. We’re at Newcastle market on Friday, and Shrewsbury on Saturday, if they’re any use – failing that, we should be back from Newcastle tomorrow by 3pm. Drop an email to sue@hopeorganicproduce.co.uk if you’d like to sort anything out; le us know which herbs you’d like.
      Hope to see you somewhere soon!

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